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Tebrio has been appointed ambassador of the European Climate Pact. Tebrio has been appointed ambassador of the European Climate Pact. And our CEO, Adriana Casillas, will be the visible head of this exciting adventure that from today we undertake with great enthusiasm and a high degree of commitment.

The European Climate Pact is a movement of people united for the same cause, where each individual proposes and makes visible concrete awareness-raising actions that transcend their own spheres of activity, to offer inspiration and build a more sustainable Europe.

Launched and endorsed by the EU Commission in 2020, this initiative is part of the European Green Deal. And it is helping the EU to meet its goal of becoming the first climate-neutral continent by 2050.

Spreading awareness and driving action

The Pact provides a space for all citizens to communicate and jointly create and implement climate solutions, big and small. By sharing ideas and inspiring each other, we can multiply our collective impact. Because this is an open, inclusive and constantly evolving initiative.

That’s why we invite regions, local communities, industry, schools and civil society to share information about climate change and environmental degradation, and how to address these existential threats. The Pact, through an online platform for dialogues and exchanges, also fosters the link between the digital and ecological transition.

We at Tebrio are very proud to have been chosen to contribute to this movement, with which we feel fully identified and to which we hope to contribute as much as we have received so far. Always with sustainability, circularity and resource optimization as vectors of confluence and central axes of our activity.

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