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Industry voices: Massó presents its newest biofertilizer

In collaboration with Tebrio, manufacturer of phytosanitary Massó presents its new biofertilizer based on tenebrio molitor manuer. MassoGreen Frass  is 100% orgnanic, stimulates plant growth, naturally protects plants from pests and provides nutrients to the soil.

Check out our interview below with Xavier Calbet,  Environmental Health & Rural Solutions Business Manager  at Comercial Química Massó to learn about their newest biofertilizer based on the Tenebrio Molitor insect.

What advantages does your biofertilizer offer to its customers when compared to chemical fertilizers or other organic products?

That really depends on the results desired and the customer’s objectives., There is no universal rule. We’d suggest using Massogreen Frass  for the following reasons:

  • The presence of beneficial microorganisms improves the plant’s ability to absorb nutrients.  
  • Its chitosan component inhibits pathogenic bacteria and fungi formations.
  • The soil is able to retain water more efficiently and its organic matter is also improved.

Who is your ideal customer? 

We’d recommend Massogreen Frass to any customer with an orchard or garden, who is looking for a 100% organic fertilizer, of animal origin, suitable for ecological agriculture, rich in nutrients and zero residue. The packaging currently available in stores is of 2KG, but we’re looking into offering a larger format because we’re seeing a high demand for more.

What makes Massogreen Frass innovative?

We wouldn’t be able to narrow it down just to one factor. Its origin, as an insect-derived biofertilizer makes it really different from what is usually found in stores.  Insect farming for animal or human consumption has many advantages: lower feed requirements, smaller water footprint, less land use, etc. Using a biofertilizer product that, in addition to its agronomic benefits, is environmentally friendly is always a plus.

What crops do you recommend it for?

Since its effects go beyond an increase in production, Massogreen Frass can be used on all types of plants and crops, from the most demanding to those with less nutritional requirements. This product has been tested both on fields and in glasshouses. Its effects have been validated by the Department of Microbiology of the University of Salamanca, which found a substantial increase in crop health and yield.

Is it a user-friendly product for everyone?

Yes, it is. At Comercial Química Massó we have chosen to commercialize our insect-based biofertilizer in pellets, because we think that pellets offer certain advantages over powder products that are already on the market. Pellets allow a much easier application, reduce product loss, and also, once buried and watered, quickly increase soil fluffiness.

Why did you choose oFrass to develop this product?

We were looking for a compound that was 100% organic and at the same time, for a company that was committed with the environment. We knew  about Tebrio’s negative carbon footprint, that it does not emit greenhouse gases, including ammonia and methane and coupled with the regenerative properties that :oFrass has on the soil, it seemed like the perfect solution to all of our requirements.

Which effects of :oFrass do you consider most important for the correct development of plants: bio-nutrition, bio-stimulation or bio-protection?

As we said before, it really depends on the client’s objectives. For us, the advantage of this product and a fact that differentiates it from other fertilizers is that it stimulates plant growth while, simultaneously, nourishing the soil, making it the perfect solution for customer’s looking for strong and healthy plants.

What is the future of the biofertilizer market?

Not only the biofertilizer market, but our industry in general, is evolving towards greener and more environmentally friendly trends. The level of environmental awareness has undoubtedly been growing in recent years. Consumers are becoming more and more demanding and producers and customers alike are concerned about reducing the environmental impact of our actions. At Comercial Química Massó we fervently believe that products that take these considerations into account are the ones that will have a guaranteed place in the future, and that is why we are committed to providing our customers with greener products and solutions like MassoGreen