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A new sustainable protein source

In most European homes, there is at least one pet that accompanies its owners on a daily basis. Pet feeding should be based on high-quality raw materials.

In this sense, oProtein perfectly meets these requirements and can be used for all species.

oProtein contributes to a balanced diet and is able to satisfy the needs of species. The variety of these pets are enormous: from exotic domestic birds to reptiles, including of course the typical dogs and cats, small mammals such as rodents or different types of fish. The palatability of oProtein, as well as its high content of protein of animal origin, make insects a safe bet as raw material for pet food. It is rich in essential amino acids and produces visible benefits throughout their lives.

Thanks to out technology and production models, we ensure a product of the highest productive models, we ensure a product of the highest quality and safety, according to the demands of our customers.