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An opportunity to combat the global food deficit

The tenebrio molitor is one of the species that are currently allowed in animal feed for the use of aquaculture.

oProtein, Tebrio’s protein, provides a natural food, rich in protein and with a high oleic content fat profile.

Likewise, the planning of large-scale production and the development of the technique in the field of insect rearing, allows us to offer this product at a very competitive price.

The benefits that we bring to our clients with this product are:

  • Activation of natural instincts, stimulating the appetite and promoting an improvement in appearance.
  • Improvement of the tenderness in meats as a consequence of the contribution of fat with a profile rich in unsaturated fatty acids, comparable to olive oil.
  • Contribution of high levels of highly digestible protein for these species.
  • Reduction of water pollution levels by reducing the ash content in the food.
  • Improvement in the growth and maintenance of the nervous system as it represents a good source of trace elements, being especially rich in vitamins A and B, reducing the incidence of diseases and mortality rates related to intensive farming.

At Tebrio we provide a traceable and sanitary controlled, healthy product, fed with natural and safe products.

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