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What is Tenebrio Molitor? How does it contribute? Why is it beneficial?

The tenebrio molitor, commonly known as the mealworm, is an insect that is mainly used in its larval phase for food uses.


At Tebrio we provide solutions based on insects, specifically the Tenebrio Molitor, but what is this insect like and why is it so special?

The larva of Tenebrio Molitor is a small insect between 1.6 mm and 35 mm, the procedures of production usually take place before the insect becomes a beetle. Its applications and benefits are plentiful, from the usage of this insect for animal feed to its applications and previous to its transformation, as a fertilizer (as is the case with our oFrass).

Given the current situation of the increasing demand and consumption of meat and fish, tenebrio molitor stands as an effective and sustainable solution for this inevitable topic.

Among the many benefits of using this insect, we need to highlight the sustainability of its development – a much lower consumption of water, space and food. Its industrial breeding is carried out at high temperatures and with hardly any light to complete its life cycle.


More benefits.

Not only are the benefits reduced to its use in animal feed in a more sustainable way, but also in its use for the creation of fertilizers such as oFrass allowing farmers to considerably improve the quality of their crops. In the near future, this insect will be used in the creation of products for human consumption as it has been advanced by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority with its acronym in English).

In short, the tenebrio molitor is the present and the future. It offers the opportunity to implement new products in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way. With benefits on the crops and the feeding of animals (both domestic and not).Tenebrio Molitor presents an excellent nutritional contribution, at Tebrio we have a great experience in the sector thanks to the work carried out together with leading clients and unique processes that allow us adapt to the guidelines established by the European Union, the National Authorities and to changes in the market.