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Tebrio´s contributions to the world: Sustainability, innovation and commitment.

At Tebrio, we do not want to be just another company competing with standard products. At Tebrio, we are committed to innovation, sustainability, our own processes and technology that allow us to develop highly competitive advantages and differentiated unique products. 

Our vision is focused on being the leaders in the industry at a global level in the manufacturing and supply of sustainable and innovative products derived from the Tenebrio Molitor in order to consolidate the transition to a green economy in the value chain.  Our values direct, define and guide us. 

Sustainability, innovation, quality, teamwork, commitment, integrity, and loyalty would be just words if we did not make it a point to respect and apply each one of our values on a daily basis. At Tebrio, these words have a strong meaning, these are our fundamental pillars on which our business philosophy is based on. We want to share and transmit the strength of these words to each one of our partners, clients and suppliers. 

Innovation is essential at Tebrio, together with unique technology and processes – We create highly innovative and differentiated products, as is the case of our organic fertilizer oFrass. 

oFrass, Tebrio´s 100% organic product produced exclusively through our innovative projects and ongoing research. 

oFrass is a dry, odorless, nutrient-rich manure product characterized by its Bio-fortifying, Bio-stimulating and Bio-phytofortifying capacities thanks to its high amount of essential nutrients and organic matter. Moreover, oFrass has an absence of heavy metals improving the capacities and interactions of the plant with the environment. 

Same as oFrass, the creation and development of oProtein, oLipids, and oTosan are focused on the highest quality and safety standards so that the result is an unbeatable product obtained from the transformation of Tenebrio Molitor into premium ingredients for animal feed (human in the near future), plant nutrition and other industrial and non-industrial uses. 

At Tebrio, we seek to contribute to the improvement of the environment with sustainable, innovative and valuable proposals both for us and for all our stakeholders.