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Tebrio receives the innovative SME seal from the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

“The Innovative SME seal, which Tebrio will be wearing for the next 3 years, recognizes us as a company that is committed to innovation and to the future. This is thanks, among other aspects, to the strong technological development that makes it possible,” says our CEO Adriana Casillas.


One of our fundamental pillars is innovation. Since our foundation, we have worked incessantly on the continuous improvement of processes, technologies and products to go up the ladder in the search for excellency and sustainability.

Obtaining the innovative SME seal is a recognition of our path. This seal is obtained when the character and innovative capacity have been demonstrated in the deepest part of the company: the activity it develops. A recognition to those companies that carry out activities in the field of research, technological development and innovation, promoting growth and improvement in many economic sectors.

In this sense, in Tebrio we are proud to be leaders in industrial technology for the production of insects, becoming one of the most competitive companies in this sector, both in quantity and quality of the final product.

Our industrial technology, designed, applied and validated within our facilities, makes us the benchmark for the breeding and transformation of insects for their different uses in food, plant nutrition and other industrial and non-industrial uses.

Thanks to this state-of-the-art technology, we achieve fully traceable products, with great added value, and based on the highest standards in terms of quality and food safety.

And it is this technology, together with our approach, experience and business philosophy that allows us to place innovation in a privileged place. This also allows us to face the current reality of animal feeding especially in the sectors that are as important as aquaculture or poultry, it is presenting serious problems related to obtaining the necessary proteins to carry out a good diet of these livestock species.

In the words of our CEO Adriana Casillas: “For all this, our main claim, which brings together our technological and innovative vision, is “Redefining the global value chain” because we want our mission and business vision not to be limited to our company, but to benefit the great global value chain”.


Tebrio Sello pyme innovadora