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TEBRIO is born. Bigger, stronger.

MealFood Europe becomes Tebrio. Sustainability, technology, innovation and commitment to create new productive models. 

In Tebrio, we have a clear mission: “Re-establishing the natural balance globally by using industrial and sustainable insect solutions” 

But, we do not stop here. We work day-to-day to become leaders in the industry at a global level in the manufacturing and supply of sustainable and innovative products derived from tenebrio molitor in order to consolidate the transition to a green economy in the value chain. 

For all these reasons, a phase begins for those of us who want to differentiate themselves through education and responsible corporate culture with the use of premium products that improve our position in the market. This starts with Tebrio.

First of all, we want to show you our new corporate image which you can discover on and watching the next video: