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oFrass, the 100% organic product made for plant nutrition by Tebrio.

oFrass, our 100% organic product has been created thanks to our innovative projects and ongoing research developed at Tebrio. 

The premium characteristics of oFrass derive from extensive research carried out for its development. oFrass is also characterized by having bio-fortifying, bio-stimulating and bio-Phytofortifying capabilities that result in the enhancement of the plant. 

In addition, oFrass has high content of essential nutrients and organic matter, as well as the maintenance of an optimal carbon/nitrogen ratio along its neutral PH value. 

oFrass improves the capacities of the soil and the interactions of the plant with the environment at all levels.

Its bio-fortifying capacities derive from a production of low levels of processing which leads to its agronomic values not getting degraded and resulting in plant growth and great availability of nutrients.  

oFrass acts as a bio-stimulant increasing harvest yield, facilitating the assimilation of nutrients in a natural way, improving soil fertility and water retention. 

Finally, oFrass is Bio-phytofortifying containing microorganisms capable of generating phytohormones that grant greater tolerance for crops to overcome abiotic stresses and favors protection of the plants causing a phenomenon called Induced Systematic resistance or RSI. 

oFrass has been developed for more than 4 years. Tebrio has completed several studies by different departments of plant microbiology in different European Universities and Scientific Centers. oFrass has also been tested both in the field and in greenhouse, showing great biological activity and substantially increasing health and crop yield.


oFrass abono 100% orgánico