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Feeding pets using products based on the tenebrio molitor insect is already a reality!

Insect-based foods are already a valued reality for pets and domestic animals.

Pets and domestic animals are becoming more common in our society and their good diet is a concern for many people. Moreover, diets based on the tenebrio molitor insect are presented as a new complementary option to those diets based on meat or fish. But, what are the real benefits of these products made from the Tenebrio Molitor?

The benefits are numerous, not only at a nutritional level, but also at a sustainable level. Next, we are going to see some of the main benefits of this type of product.


Nutritional benefits

Insects are an important source of protein (necessary in any animal diet), but at the same time they provide other essential elements such as fatty acids, fiber or other nutrients such as iron, magnesium or phosphorus.

In addition, these products created from insects are, in many cases, more digestible.

The British Veterinary Association, for example, ensures that feeding pets products derived from insects is a great opportunity that should be taken advantage of, not only for being quality products, but also for the environmental benefits.


Environmental benefits

Insect farming has significant advantages over other activities, such as livestock or aquaculture, in terms of the use of water and space resources. Moreover, breeding and production of insects emit considerably less greenhouse gases.

Therefore, at an environmental level, the differences are significant. At Tebrio, for example, our carbon footprint is reduced to the minimum. For us, being sustainable is a necessity, a way of working, and for this reason, we implement a circular production model that allows us not to generate any waste into the environment and make the most of our resources.


oProtein, a new source of sustainable protein

At Tebrio, we have developed our own product for feeding pets. oProtein contributes to a balanced diet and is able to meet the needs of each pet.

The palatability, high protein content and richness in essential amino acids brand oProtein a product of the highest quality and safety, which will provide visible benefits throughout the life of the pet.


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