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Entrepreneurship Day – The first steps of our journey.

April the 16th is the celebrated Entrepreneurship Day. In the occasion of this special day, we want to share with you a bit more about TEBRIO’s journey (How the idea was born, and our first steps of our beautiful journey).

Back in 2012 – 2013 the idea and research began to develop when we noticed that the food chain was used very little, meaning that the food consumed is mainly from animals that are high up in the food chain but what about the full potential of other species?  

After a lot of research and learning about the food industry, we noticed that we needed to do something urgently to improve the world situation we live in now and specially to where it is going, we needed alternatives to try to achieve some kind of balance.  And so, Tebrio was born

Now, you must be asking yourself – Why specifically the insect Tenebrio Molitor

We have left you a video where you can discover this miraculous insect and the many benefits it has as well as getting to know Sabas de Diego and Adriana Casillas, the co-founders or brains behind Tebrio.

Click HERE to watch the video


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