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Circular economy
Why do we work towards a circular economy model? It is pretty simple; This is due to our commitment to the environment and to sustainability.
At Tebrio, we have become leaders, in part, because of our unique processes that allow us to develop a circular economy model that is respectful to the environment and sustainable. Our unique produ...
Entrepreneurship Tebrio
Entrepreneurship Day – The first steps of our journey.
April the 16th is the celebrated Entrepreneurship Day. In the occasion of this special day, we want to share with you a bit more about TEBRIO’s journey (How the idea was born, and our first steps of...
Earth hour
Earth Hour. We seek for comprehensive sustainability.
In the occasion of earth hour, we would like to express the importance of raising awareness for companies and motivate them to work on sustainable activities and actions that will benefit us as a soci...
Alimentación de mascotas mediante insectos
Feeding pets using products based on the tenebrio molitor insect is already a reality!
Insect-based foods are already a valued reality for pets and domestic animals. Pets and domestic animals are becoming more common in our society and their good diet is a concern for many people. More...
What is Tenebrio Molitor? How does it contribute? Why is it beneficial?
The tenebrio molitor, commonly known as the mealworm, is an insect that is mainly used in its larval phase for food uses.   At Tebrio we provide solutions based on insects, specifically the T...
Tebrio Sello pyme innovadora
Tebrio receives the innovative SME seal from the Ministry of Science and Innovation.
"The Innovative SME seal, which Tebrio will be wearing for the next 3 years, recognizes us as a company that is committed to innovation and to the future. This is thanks, among other aspects, to the s...
oFrass Benefits
oFrass is a 100% organic product with essential benefits for the crops, the soil and the environment.
The benefits of oFrass not only focuses on the results of the harvest but also improves the quality of the soil and its components are respectful with the environment. As we have seen in previous a...
oFrass abono 100% orgánico
oFrass, the 100% organic product made for plant nutrition by Tebrio.
oFrass, our 100% organic product has been created thanks to our innovative projects and ongoing research developed at Tebrio.  The premium characteristics of oFrass derive from extensive research ...
Tebrio´s contributions to the world: Sustainability, innovation and commitment.
At Tebrio, we do not want to be just another company competing with standard products. At Tebrio, we are committed to innovation, sustainability, our own processes and technology that allow us to deve...