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The current state of animal nutrition, especially in relation to sectors as important as aquaculture or poultry, presents serious problems related to obtaining the necessary protein to carry out a good diet of these livestock species.

In fact, the current protein production deficit accompanied by an upward trend in prices that implies a series of difficulties for certain sectors and / or producers.

In this area, our proposal is simple, to use Tenebrio Molitor as a base and / or complement to achieve healthy nutrition based on a resource as natural as animal existence itself.

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The use of our products based on Tenebrio Molitor carries a number of environmental, health, social and life benefits.

  • We are very efficient in food conversion.
  • Our industry reduces greenhouse gases
  • Insects can feed on nutrients that are not currently being used, turning them into high-quality protein.
  • Insects use much less water than traditional livestock.
  • Insect breeding does not need large areas of land.
  • Our carbon footprint is very small.
  • We do not generate any waste into the environment thanks to our circular economy model.
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